Sweet Relief II:
The Gravity of the Situation: The Songs of Vic Chestnutt
1996 -
Label: Sony

Features performers covering songs written by Vic Chesnutt. All performers' proceeds and a major portion of Sony Music's proceeds will go to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which helps musicians pay for medical treatment and related expenses. A range of contemporary and alternative rockers pay tribute to Vic Chesnutt, an amazing singer-songwriter from Athens, Georgia, on this second album to benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. The organization was formed in 1993 after Victoria Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A poignant highlight of GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION is the quietly life-affirming "God is Good," co-written and sung by Chestnutt, who has performed in a wheelchair since a car wreck. One after another, these tracks salute the simple, funny truths that Vic Chestnutt's songs tell like nobody else's.

Track Listings
1. Kick My Ass - Garbage
2. Sponge - R.E.M.
3. Gravity Of The Situation - Nanci Griffith And Hootie And The Blowfish
4. When I Ran Off And Left Her - Soul Asylum
5. Dodge - Dog's Eye View
6. Supernatural - Live
7. Sad Peter Pan - The Smashing Pumpkins And Red Red Meat
8. West Of Rome - Sparklehorse
9. Guilty By Association - Joe Henry And Madonna
10. Panic Pure - Kristin Hersh
11. Withering - Cracker
12. Free Of Hope - Indigo Girls
13. Florida - Mary Margaret O'Hara
14. God Is Good - Vic Chesnutt And Victoria Williams


Catalog: #67573

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